What Vegans Eat

Author:小编,Post Time:2008/12/18 9:56:17

Fruit, veg, mushrooms - every colour

Delicious vegan foods

Vegans enjoy all kinds of plant foods - like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes (beans, lentils and split peas) - and fungi (mushrooms, yeasts), and food made from these. Vegans choose not to eat any foods derived from living or dead animals - no meat of any kind (no red meat, poultry, white meat, fish etc.), no animal milks (no cow's dairy products, nor sheep, goats etc.), no eggs, no honey, nor any other animal products (no gelatin, cochineal, shellac etc.)

Finding vegan food is easier than it's ever been. You can now buy vegan cheese, vegan chocolate, vegan ice-cream, vegan mayonnaise, vegan sausages, vegan yoghurt, vegan haggis...the choices are endless. Animal-free food is also becoming easier to spot, as more and more companies adopt The Vegan Society's trademark sunflower logo . To help you find foods that are vegan, but are not yet labelled as such, we publish The Animal Free Shopper - a pocket guide to vegan products.

If you prefer to cook your own, then we've got lots of delicious recipes for you to try. If you have a particular dish in mind, then try doing a search for it - we've linked our recipes to the International Vegetarian Union's recipes database, so there's nearly 2000 dishes to chose from!

Of course, food is not all about enjoyment - it's also about nourishment. To make sure you're a super-healthy, wonderful advert for the vegan diet have a look at our nutrition pages, or get yourself a copy of Plant Based Nutrition and Health, our comprehensive survey of research into vegan diets.

So get clued up on what's hot and what's not, gastronomically speaking, and then tuck in and enjoy!