Eating Less Meat Makes Readers’ Digest

Author:,Post Time:2009/1/9 16:32:54

This article, by a non-veg, Mark Bittman, who also writes for the New York Times and who wrote How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, appears in the current issue of Readers Digest. The author describes how he lost lots of weight and cleared away most of his ailments, other than bad knees, by eating less meat. Below are excerpts from the article’s final paragraph plus the url for the entire article.

The goal of eating sanely is not to cut calories; it will happen naturally. Nor is the goal to cut protein, though again, you'll wind up eating less. The goal is not to cut fat, either; in fact, you'll eat more of it, though different fat (the same is true of carbohydrates). And the goal isn't to save money, though you probably will. Rather, the goal is to eat less of certain foods and more of others -- specifically, plants, as close to their natural state as possible. Above all, this is a shift in perspective, one that means better eating for both your body and the planet.