Exhibition Schedule

Exhibition time: May 10-13, 2024

Exhibition Venue:
Xiamen International
Conference & Exhibition Center

Standard Booths: 300

Exhibition Area: 5000㎡

Move-in: May 10-13, 2024

Move-out: 16:00, May 13, 2024

About Fair

 The  China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair in 2023


Gather Popularity & Promote Vegetarian Boom

The China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair will be held on October 12-16, 2023 at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, China. This year, our Vegetarian Food Fair will combine the experience of former 6 sessions; establish more booths to accommodate more famous vegetarian exhibiting companies. Through this fair, more and more people will have chance to know vegetarian food better, to know how to eat vegetarian food correctly and fall in love with it.

Welcome to Taste & Various Vegetarian Food  

At the mention of vegetarian, some people consider it might result in undernutrition. It is a misunderstanding of vegetarian, actually. The origin of Chinese traditional vegetarian is starting from the study of health care. “Rice and grains for the principal food, fruits for assist, animals for the benefit, dishes for the supplement”, it was recorded in “HUANGDI NEIJING”, which is a medical book. In order to clear the misunderstanding, dining area will still be set for you to taste vegetarian food and rest as usual.

International Vegetarian Brand & Fruitful Trading Results

Through these years’ development, not only Chinese Vegetarian Food companies, but also more and more foreign companies come and join our fair. At the same time, invitations will be made to professional vegetarian buyers all over the world by various and effective ways, such as direct phone calls, website advertisement and post, thus providing a platform for buyers and exhibitors, maximizing the profits of the participants. 

 Multiple Co-located Fairs & Perfect Combination
The two other concurrent events of Xiamen Buddha Fair and Xiamen Tea Fair will bring diversified customer group for Xiamen Vegetarian Food Fair. The perfect combination of Buddhism, Tea and Vegetarian Food will give you a different experience, feeling the profound Zen charm and tea culture while enjoying delicious and exquisite vegetarian food at the same time.

 Application Procedures

1. Call the Organizing Committee to make booth application first and send exhibit photos back. If verified and qualified, you will be contacted to select booth location. Then, fill the Exhibition Application Form, Exhibition Regulation and Food Safety Commitment and stamp them with an authoritative seal. Please fax or mail them to the Organizing Committee along with the original copy of Business License with authoritative seal on it. Contract will be signed and faxed or emailed back to you when the application is confirmed.

2. Upon confirmation, the exhibition cost or 50% of that amount shall be remitted to the Organizing Committee within three days. Please also fax your remitting bill for checking. The booth shall not be reserved without receipt of relevant costs.

3. Deadline for booth application is August 31, 2023. Exhibitors shall pay up before August 20, 2023 and submit company introduction and tax number (if invoice is necessary). The Organizing Committee will offer exhibitor’s manual and the confirmation of booth to the exhibitors one month ahead.

4. Booth assignment: The earlier one applies and pays, the earlier his booth will be assigned.

5. After confirmation, exhibitors shall guarantee that their exhibits are correspondent with what they have applied. Or the Organizing Committee has the rights to cancel his/her exhibition qualification. If exhibitors are found to re-rent or transfer their booths, the Organizing Committee also has the rights to cancel their qualification and seal their booths on the spot.